Our science, technology and informatics teachers are constantly creating hands-on, exciting experiences for our students, allowing them to experience different facets of science and technology. That is the reason why our School recently held its annual Science & Technology Fair.
The Fair took place at different places and scenarios around the school, a very calm atmosphere was part of the show. Projects related to the universe, natural phenomena, the human body, nutrition, physical and chemical phenomena, physics, engineering, robotics, STEM projects that included programming  and 3D ecosystems were shown. All students were tremendously empowered and excited, they definitely did their best.
One of the most interesting projects  was the Coral-reef 3D models our students printed by using the 3D printer. We all know 3D printing has taken the world and this year was  the time for our learners to get on the trend. They totally found a different fun way to produce creative work.
Our Science & Technology Fair encourages students to direct their own learning, it gives them the opportunity to generate an interest and excitement about science, technology and engineering. Furthermore, it is a special moment for our dear learners to showcase their projects to peers, parents and teachers.


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