Preschool at the school
mejor colegio de bogota

Since the great new about going back to school was communicated, there was a big feeling growing in our hearts. Teachers and students were excited because, after a year without sharing and interacting, they were going to have the opportunity to see each other, looking face to face leaving screens aside.

On February the 08th, the school opened its doors again to receive the students following all the biosafety protocols established to take care of their selves and others. Big eyes were seen everywhere, the students were excited and, of course, teachers too. The whole community was expecting that moment and, since the beginning, the students comprehended that some things have changed and they were open to receive all the information the teachers had prepared for them to understand and assimilate in the best way as possible. It was a new reality that was faced with emotion and joy.

They have been at the school during 7 weeks and the experience has been amazing. It is very gratifying to see the commitment the teachers and the students have internalized. They have developed different activities, they have learnt how to be close without physical contact, they have shared experiences with their virtual and face to face peers; but the most important thing, is that they have understood that they belong to a community that supports them to deal with hard external circumstances with a big smile cover by a mask.

Writting by  Angélica Santamaría 

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