Bilingual Curriculum 

Language learning is strengthened through the following subjects in English: Science, Design and technology, Social Studies, Arts, Physical Education, French, English and in-depth seminars.

The Bilingualism process develops intercultural communicative competence through the following specific programs:

DOUBLE international degree

The scope of the educational service includes the optional High School degree awarded by the Virtual High School, Ottawa Carlenton District School Board (Canadian government schools with high academic standards located in the city of Ottawa, capital of Canada). To obtain the International Double Degree, our students who wish to do so must certify 30 credits in the last 3 grades of High School. Applicants for the title validate between 20 and 23 of these credits from their academic results at the College and from two online tests: maths and English according to the Canadian standards and curriculum, in such a way that they have between 10 and 7 credits left to complete the 30 required in Canada, which they study in this country once they graduate in Colombia.


Being a Cambridge English School allows us to be supported from Cambridge University, so that, we use high-quality materials, resources, and get constant training  . In addition, we  have the distinction of being a Cambridge Examination Centre. Our students take the Cambridge  exams (YLE and Main Suite for Schools) from 1st  to 11th grades, and parents can value their language learning with a lifetime English certification; a diploma recognized by higher education institutions and national and international companies.


English-International House

The partner company for the presentation of the Cambridge exams is International House. Recognized for the reliability in the protocols for presenting tests, results and academic advice.
The exams that internationally accredit the English level of our students are Cambridge YLE: Movers (3rd), Flyers (5th), Cambridge Main Suite: A2 Key for schools (7th), B1 Preliminary for schools (9th) and B2 First for schools (11th). Our students have preparation for these tests within school hours. Likewise, support is provided to students who, due to their educational projections, wish to take other international tests such as: IELTS.


Immersion Programs in Canada, the United States and Summer Camp in England. 
These programs enable our students to develop intercultural and global skills, to expand their knowledge of other languages, to respect and tolerance when living with other families abroad or in prestigious Universities in England.


Since 2023 and with the support of our strategic partner YMCA, students and teachers share time in the classroom with a native intercultural agent who accompanies the process of learning and experiencing the language from a cultural perspective. To date we have had the presence of native agents from England, Scotland, the United States, Morocco and France.


In July 2023, Colegio Calasanz Bogotá was certified as a national bilingual school. By 2024, the curricular proposal aims to teache 51% of subjects in English and 49% of subjects in Spanish, the mother tongue, from preschool (pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, transition) to primary (first to fifth). A progressive bilingual model was chosen, and the full implementation will be in 2027 class.

The subjects in English are worked under the CLIL methodology that proposes to enhance students’ cognitive, communicative and cultural skills, aiming to strengthen the specificcompetences  to each discipline.

Regarding the certification of international exams, by 2024 the presentation of the Movers exam will be mandatory for third grade students, and annually it will respond to the courses that affect bilingualism, thus in 2027 the mandatory presentation of Movers in 3rd , Flyers in 5th , A2 KEY in 7th , B1 Preliminary  in 9th and B2 First or IELTS in 11th to certify language proficiency in level B2 to get the bachelor’s degree.

nota de pesar La comunidad Educativa del Colegio Calasanz Bogotá, se solidariza con la familia del Padre Juan Carlos, Ángela y Cristian Gómez Ramírez por el fallecimiento de su padre: Que el Señor lo tenga en su gloria y consuele a Sonia Ramírez su esposa y a todos sus familiares.